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Howdy! I missed Valentine’s day, sadly :ohno:. It’s because I was too caught up with some stuff and had decided to put off photo shoots for awhile but hey, I’m here now! I’ll just make up for it next year:lazy:

Anyway, putting that aside, last February 17,2016 (just recently!) my first ever figma arrived:happylove:

So guys, meet figma Sakura: School Version!


Sakura Kinomoto is the magical girl from everyone’s (well, most) childhood favorite anime Cardcaptor SakuraShe’s known as bubbly, and brave – and clumsy:shy: Alongside with her battles is her best friend Tomoyo Daidoji (she also has a figma available soon!) and her guardian Cerberus (although pronounced as Keroberos due to Japanese influence).

figma Sakura Kinomoto’s earlier version

The figma Sakura Kinomoto: School Version portrays Sakura in her school uniform (obviously) but there was an earlier release in which she is wearing her trademark attire in pink here. It was released along with Nendoroid #400 (her nendoroid), after it was finally announced that she’s going to have figures from GoodSmileCompany. It was such a wonderful day when they did.

Why did you get this version over the earlier one?

I’m a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura as most are, however, the toy line figma didn’t appeal to me at first, until figma Sakura Kinomoto: School Version was announced. It was my turning point – as I thought, “why not?”. In particular, her funny face got my attention. I find it silly of me though because now, I find it the most awkward part in her accessories :lol:

The Box

As usual for figures, the box design showcases Sakura Kinomoto’s famous poses along with the fun extra poses (the one with the funny face) so you can refer to them whenever you take your pictures!

The Contents


The contents are the following:

Sakura’s Backpack
Sakura Figma
2 Extra Faceplates
Extra Hands with rollerblades gear and covers
Lges with Rollerblades
Backhair with cap (so you can pose her with the cap!)
Kero (Cerberus)
Keri’s Stand
Sakura’s Stand
figma Plastic container
Information Paper (idk what it’s called)
Extra Hands

*I’d like to take note that you must be careful with the stands as you might end up like me who broke Kero’s stand right away:happy:


I’m honestly bad with Nendoroid stands but I guess they’re better as they’re build stronger somehow for being thicker.


Nevertheless, I was able to make Sakura photoshoots just fine. What you got to love about figma, is that their joints let you do many poses more than what was just displayed in your box (the references) it’s up to you and your thinking/creativity skills. So, here are some shots:


Fresh air is soothing, isn’t it Sakura~chan? Sakura: It is, very..


Sakura: Kiyaaaa. Maybe I should take this chance to rest up after so many battles with Clow Cards lately!


“I can stay like this forever, really!”


Me: But shouldn’t you be at school right now? Sakura: Well, I happen to be very early, you see! So, I thought I could do some stretching for a bit. Me: Well okay, but..


Sakura: Besides, the sun is up high today, it would be such a waste not to enjoy it!


Sakura: Okay! Time for some stretching! One, two three!




Sakura: Ah, don’t be silly, you must be imagining things! RELAX Okay?! Me: B-but!!!..


Sakura: I’m so tired of worrying, I didn’t realize I hadn’t gotten a chance to enjoy nature like this lately!~ Me: Well..I guess you’re right, so sorry Sakura-chan! Maybe it was airplane or so..



Sakura was quiet for awhile. Now that she mentioned it, it was indeed peaceful at this moment, I wish we could stop time and have more quiet moments like this indeed:chuu:

nDSC_0042 Sakura: Well, unfortunately it can’t be like that forever.. Me: Ri-right! Sakura-chan, you’re leaving now? Sakura: Yep! Well got to go! Got to roll~and see ya around!

With that, Sakura left me staring at the clouds. She’s right I guess, I think about things too much..and it’s a Friday, so I guess she’s also excited to end the day despite the need to go to school and catch Clow Cards. I MEAN COME ON, EVERYBODY LOVES FRIDAY…:cool:



As a Nendoroid collector, I say that figmas aren’t bad at all! They’re like, bigger Cu-poche! I used to actually hate the joints but now that you think about it, it’s the main reason why figmas stand out. It lets you do fun poses and it’s more ‘real’ compared to Nendoroid being in the ‘cute’ side.

So, if you’re still thinking of getting a figma (as I was before) maybe getting one of your favorite character can be start of something new! Any toy line must get some love! Thanks to awesome GoodSmileCompany as always for this figma :sparkled3:

Credits for the heart cloud background {x}

Thanks to OtakuhobbitoysPH for my figma Sakura Kinomoto: School ver!

PSS. More pictures here, yay!

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  • abe commented on February 22, 2016 Reply

    Woaahh~~ :target: Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorite anime ever since. I used to collect Sakura playing cards when I was in grade school. 😀 😀 I also have Clow cards and am planning to cosplay Lee Syaoran. Hihi.
    That funny face tho. I feel like Sakura is being harassed. :ohno: :ohno: Hahaha!
    Anyways, congratulations on your first ever figma. To more figmeow adventures! ? :laugh:
    abe recently posted…DIY: Bath salt containerMy Profile

    • nodynu commented on February 23, 2016 Reply

      Looking forward your cos :chuu: Yeah I feel like the funny face isn’t at all suitable in the end even after buying it for it :happy: . Anyway, thanks again Abeng~chan! :loveagain:
      nodynu recently posted…RainbowMy Profile

  • Merrill Peaker commented on March 13, 2016 Reply

    The expression parts are all interchangeable with the previously released figma Sakura Kinomoto , and Kero-chan’s head parts can also be interchanged.

    • nodynu commented on March 21, 2016 Reply

      Yeah, will definitely try if I plan on getting the other figma in the future 😀

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