Buying a Nendoroid

1. Important before buying: Understanding what a Bootleg is

Like many other things, you can buy a Nendoroid online. Although you must be very careful because there are bootlegs everywhere as well.

Bootlegs or as others call as Class A figures are knock-offs. They’re usually cheaper but some take advantage of newbies who don’t know about that and so they pay for the original price yet get a bootleg.

Buying bootlegs aren’t considered by most collectors since it means disrespect to the artists who worked hard on the master piece – not just the artist but as well as Good Smile Company or any company that originally owns the product. Bootlegs of other toy lines also exist so watch out for them and be careful when buying.

Lastly, bootlegs, when compared to authentic ones have bad painting and material quality – their texture is usually shiny or parts easily break.

2. Choosing the right store to buy/Trusted Stores

When buying nendoroid figures, whether online or offline:

  • ALWAYS CHECK THE FEEDBACKS. You can also always use Google to search if there any “scam” stories about the store (usually, just use keywords “store name” + “scam”).
  • Check if there are any threads about that store there. Most stores have theirs and it’s where collectors share their experiences whether they’re good or bad. This way, you are alerted on which stores are truly trusted. (Or Google “mfc nameofstore”)
  • Check if store has social networks or contact information, if they do, they are accessible in case you have any questions and problems. Thus, they are also not hiding from you in anyway.
  • If seller is within your area, it’s better if you can see your item in actual to check for issues if anything especially if buying 2nd hand nendoroid.

Overall, there are so many ways to guarantee if you’re buying from a store that sells exactly what you’re looking for. You just have to be observant, do some research, also, ask as much as you want. This has been a routine for me as well even if not buying a Nendoroid.

With that said, below are some of the trusted online stores I got most of my Nendoroid figures from that might help you out if you’re just starting this hobby:

[September 15, 2020 – Please note that some of these maybe outdated since my last purchase of nendoroid was last 2016? I can’t recall. It is also best you consult their facebook page reviews or do inquiries before proceeding any purchase.]


– 5/5 Affordable prices! Also you can send your item as gifts, it can maybe help with the custom trouble (or not) in my case it did. SAL Reg is advised so you can always track your item (to avoid losing it) Can pay via Paypal which is good.

– 5/5 Affordable prices for many items, make sure to use SAL Reg with shipping. Payable via Paypal or CC as well.


Local (Philippines Only)

–  5/5 Replies within the day. Items currently arrive late due to BOC issues BUT it helps if you order a bulk (like me I guess, especially if you can’t pay right away).They have meet-ups in SM Megamall from time to time (only location I can go to for meet-up/pick upmost of the time). Very accommodating :17: Owner is very understanding with payments as well 🙂 They have contests by the way! Win awesome stuff 😀

– 5/5 BEST!!! Replies within the day, FREE shipping on most items (I think all). Although courier is sometimes not careful so boxes get some minimal dents or issues. Very accommodating :17: Very low down payment requirement (200 PHP) but you have to be very patient because most of their items arrive a month late or two. They also always have the most affordable after-release stocks given that their stuff arrive late, you can get most that you weren’t able to pre-order for pre-order price. Owner is very understanding with payments as well 🙂

  • Figio

– 5/5 Replies within the day or two. Prices are bit high compared to others but they are very accommodating as well especially if your item has some issues (experienced it once, they replaced it with a whole new one!) They also make special orders (ie, if your item is not listed you can try asking if they can get it for you) haven’t tried with back-orders though. – 2019 Update: No longer operating.

– 5/5 Replies within the day or two, very accommodating as well. Also for some items you don’t need down payment you can pay at the time of release date of your item if ever there is a down payment required, it is very minimal (ie, for most nendoroids, down payment is 350 PHP).

– 5/5 As long as you’ve discussed well with the sellers, you will surely get good deals. However, recently it was changed that for sale items will only be advertised on Sundays (so it’s up for you to browse) and you’re apparently not allowed to comment on other people’s for sale (but I see some people commenting on other items most of the times, lol) so it’s best you PM (private message) seller. Has some contests too from time to time which you might want to join to win free nendos!

  • Figure_It_Out

– 5/5 Only had one transaction with them as they focus on gunplas and such (not familiar) but they’re really awesome too. They have meet-ups in SM Megamall (only location I can go to for meet-up/pick upmost of the time) and they reply right away whether it’s via sms or facebook message. Their receipt is nice as well (could be handy if they do have nendoroid for PO bec. receipts are now apparently required for GSC replacements) – 2019 Update: No longer operating.

– 4/5 They’re okay, sir Charles is very friendly and assures your item will arrive for you on tim. Ky helps a lot as well because without him meet-ups via SM Megamall won’t be possible. But of course, expect delays sometimes (it’s normal) longest delay I ever had was about 2-4 months I think. They reply within a day or two as well so no worries with reply time. Prices are pretty affordable and they also have Mandarake service (I haven’t tried it yet though)

  • GreattoysOnline (also an actual store found in Greenhills and other places *see their site for info)

– 4/5 Best for offline buying. They reply within the day or two but it is troublesome since even if you pay now, they will only be able to confirm the next working day. They have a membership card you can use for 2 years that gives you great discounts though. They’ve great prices whenever at cons/events! They’re good if you’re near their store so you can greet arrivals right away

[up – 10/9/15] I think the best thing however is to call up their branches if you’d like to purchase online (sometimes they post “arrivals” on their facebook page and group that you can reserve and get to ship.

– 5/5 This is where i buy my Nendoroid More items because prices are good. It’s an okay shop with a good seller as well.

– 4/5 Used to be my run to for back-orders and exclusives but lately I have been pretty disappointed because they don’t reply within a week of your email sometimes, even 2 weeks lolThey say it’s because they attend cons a lot lately. They’re a GSC partner though. Exclusive orders are delayed but regular ones arrive on time. Prices are nice and they have free shipping for their current ‘suki card owners’ which is around 200 php for 2 years (same with GTO) but I wish they can really improve their reply time. I don’t really care if my item will be delayed as long as I am replied to for an update at least within 2-3 days. ONE WEEK OF NO REPLY is a no-no. Their owner is kind though and very active in Nendoroid PH with promos and stuff. Plus they’re good with other items (not just nendoroid) although I can’t stick long if I am to hear from a shop AFTER a week especially if my item has arrived already.

[up 10/9/15]

I got my item today!!! FINALLY. Actually I had finally had the courage to ask the owner yesterday what’s been going on since he is my Facebook friend and I told him that I had an email waiting on for almost 2 weeks already (or maybe already 2 indeed). Apparently due to the consecutive 3 cons, their backlogs was affected greatly thus so many unanswered emails and messages remain. Mine was personally handled by the owner fortunately and I guess I have nothing against them now although I’m hoping they can finally be able to answer all messages on time like before. I heard their customers quadrupled due to finally being a GSC partner as well as other items they cater too, they now get tons of international customers so it’s not just the old ones. I suppose what they can do is hire more people since they’re getting bigger now. I hope so that my next purchase, I’ll be able to get a reply promptly! But I’d like to thank the owner personally for being helpful despite me being angry and all ^_^

– 5/5 I hear good things about this shop and they have many loyal buyers although on my end, I had troubles with the item i ordered from them (was very delayed) so after that I never bought again. Could give them another chance in the future, maybe. But the owner is really active in Facebook with interesting stuff to share especially for anime lovers 🙂



*You can always buy from Good Smile Company directly as well. If you have more questions or needing help regarding buying a nendoroid just drop me a message in my contact page:17: I’ll try my best to answer any question:21:

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