Me and Nendomeow


Due to my immense love for anime, I FELL IN LOVE WITH a NENDOROID until I didn’t realize I had over more than 10!  

And now you will also encounter the same fate! BUWAHAHA!

Although it’s a shame, my first nendoroid was actually a bootleg. But I wanted to know “why people are getting into this” and it was a gift from my boyfriend. Afterwards, I purchased another and then another since at the time, I didn’t know the difference between that and a legit one. Overall, I ended up buying 7 of them LOL


My actual first nendoroids!


Until one day, just right after watching Steins;Gate OVA – I tried to look up if Makise Krisu had a Nendoroid. And so there she was…

Makise Krisu, first authentic nendoroid! (nvn)/

Makise Krisu, first authentic nendoroid! (nvn)/

And along with her, I bought Faris Nyannyan! She’s too cute to resist,RIGHT? RIGHT?

Faris Nyanyan~

Faris Nyanyan~

Today, I can no longer count with my fingers how many pre-orders I have made already. I decided to make a Facebook page called Nendomeow after some time. I wanted to do it just for fun and also wanted to put up a site and so this website was born!

Nendomeow Official Banner



Why Nendomeow?

Nendomeow comes from terms “nendoroid” and “meow”, because as you all might have guessed – I am fond of cats and kittens/neko/meow –  or whatever word you call them….BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T?

TL;DR This is where you’ll find my random ramblings about my nendoroid collection (reviews, stories and the likes). Most of the time, I post their pictures, so I hope you’ll like them 🙂

You can also catch me at MFC although I’m still a newbie there and really not much active. I haven’t even uploaded pictures orz because I take pictures from my Note 3 at the moment =w= hopefully, soon..things will upgrade, HAHA!
Love Nendoroids, Love Cats! Kampai!!!

PSSS. For more photos, visit my Flickr account:34:

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